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  •     Dark Cinematic Sounds suitable for a wide range of music and scoring styles
  •     Deep Cold Wide Open Space
  •     7 Different Sound Groups - Metal Hits, Metal Scrape, Deep Earth Hits, Airy Noise FX, Low Bass, High     Lead, Wood Hits
  •     Many simple Controls to easily create unique Textures - Width, Pitch, Filter, Envelope
  •     Multi - LFO Tempo-synced Volume Pulse Gate and AutoPan
  •     Easy Sample Reversing at any point
  •     Variable Sample Start both Forward and Reverse (up to 6 seconds in Reverse)
  •     Effects Units : 3 Band EQ, Chorus, Drive, Tempo-synced Delay, Reverb & Convolution Reverb
  •     Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.3 (or later) Required

Dark Piano Antarctica is the fourth in a series of Libraries that has been designed to provide an expansive range of dark and suspenseful Textures whilst providing controls to allow the Composer to easily invent unique sounds.

The samples comprise a collection of Metal Hits, Scrapes, Crunchy Sub Earth Booms, Deep Cold Airy Textures,  different Low Bass & High Lead Sounds and Wood Hits & Resonances.

All these sounds are housed in one Instrument which is completely customisable. There are many controls on the GUI to allow easy and quick creation of unique texture and atmosphere for your music.


Many of the sounds in this library are long. You can change the starting point of each sound by tweaking the Playback Offset Controls. This is especially useful for tailoring Reverse hits to your music and creating different sounds. Start Playback anywhere up to 6 seconds along any given sample.


Shape the tone of each Sound with two 4 - Pole Adaptive Resonant Filters - one High Pass, one Low Pass.

Glide your Sounds in or turn long ones into short ones with the full ADSR volume shaping envelope controls.

Use Pitch Change and Pitch Bend to create new sounds. (Adjustable Pitch bend Range up to 24 semi-tones).


Replika Sound · RSSD04 - Dark Piano Antarctica Audio Demo

Move your Sounds ...

You can select forward or reversed versions of any Sound at will by using the Mod Wheel. Simply change the position of the Mod Wheel before playing a note to change direction. Combine this with the Playback Offset Controls to create on-the-fly loops and textural movement.


Full Version of Kontakt 5.3.1+ is required  to use DarkPiano Antarctica

RSSD04 requires 855 MB of hard drive space

Available as Direct Download only

Please Make Sure You Are Buying the Correct Instrument as this is a Download and NO Refunds Can Be Given

© Replika Sound  2021

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There are 7 Sample Groups selected by Key-switches or clicking the Antarctic symbols on the GUI :

Metal Hits, Metal Scrapes, Earth Sub Hits, Cold Air Hits, Multi-note Bass, Multi-Note Lead (6 octaves of each) & Wood Hits.

The Bass and Lead Articulations have their own Sound selection Key-switches within each group.


RSSD04 is supported by several built-in Effects Units - Customised for the Instrument




3 Band Equalizer


Convolution Reverb

31 Reverb Impulse Responses


There are 2 Tempo-synced Effects that affect all the Sample Groups and operate independently from each other - one for Volume Gating & the other for Panning.

Choose Filter rates from 1/16th beat up to 4 beats. Triplet options as well.

Adjust the Pulse Width and Phase of the Gates. The Volume Gate LFO waves are Rectangle, Sine and Sawtooth. Autopan is driven by a smooth multi-LFO.

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